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Answer for question 4208.

Posted on 2015.01.23 at 12:41
When you’re sick, do you usually push through it or do you take the day off to get better? Do you have any tricks to help get better more quickly?
It is really better to not spread the junk around. I get irritated when people come to work sick. Also, I work in healthcare, and really shouldn't be giving it to the patients. Sleep and lots of fluids is what works the best for me. If you just sleep more when it's trying to take hold, and get vitamin C in some form, even if it is juice, it can make the severety and the length a bit less. I use a mister with eucalyptus oil for decongestion. With a cough, I usually need cough syrup and cough drops.


From the Frozen North

Posted on 2014.01.10 at 17:16
Hi Y'all. We made it through the Arctic VortexTM, and soon it will be making it your way. Just make sure that you got clothes for it, your furnace is working and your car will start, and you should be good.

I enjoyed seeing many of my friends over the holidays, but am glad that frantic pace is done with. I seemed to have hit a good balance with that. Just need to dive into the house projects now.

Skiing has been good before the cold weather, and I have some hopes of getting a quick one before it warms too much tomorrow. However it is raining a bit today and I'll need to make that judgement when tomorrow comes whether it's too icy to ski. Skiing makes winter bearable.

It is January, and the gym is *really busy*. Just doing what I can to go during slower times and just getting credit for the stuff I do outside the gym for the discount. I don't like to wish for people's resolutions to fail, but I would like it to slow down a bit in February. New Year's Day I paid for an Aerial Stretch class, which allows me to stretch in ways I can't usually. I like to do it about once a month.
Sorry the video is so long. The first 6 minutes will give you a good idea. The other videos didn't really look like what we do.


Just a little warm up

Posted on 2013.06.20 at 20:46
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I think the reason I don't post more, is that there would be catching up to do, and it seems a bit overwhelming. So I'm starting to take on tasks now by breaking them down into smaller bits.

It got hot today in time for summer. We've had a cool spring, which is OK by me. I am still hoping to get peas. I planted spinach as well, but I need to work on that skill. :-D It's bolting already.

I put in a raised garden, and have great hopes for greens. I am also harboring a bit of hope for a squash and a cantaloupe. Some of my food is masquerading as flowers. There is also pest control masquerading as flowers.

The Y membership is on a holiday. I am trying to cobble some money together and am looking everywhere for inspiration. Since I prefer to be outside, I have to say that I like not having to get there for a card swipe 12 times a month.

I am also biking and taking the bus more. I made a special point of it when gas was so high. I made 6 gallons go 3 weeks.

The cats are getting a little more stand-offish in the wake of the heat. I'm trying not to take it personally.

Next time, I'll try to really flush something out. I'm doing some reflecting on certain of my automatic negative thoughts TM.


I has been supporting the Local Economy

Posted on 2012.01.18 at 05:29
Current Mood: bouncypranked
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Much more than I had intended.

Last Monday it nice, so I rode my bike to work. The chain jumped the derailleur and it was stuck. I had to walk the last mile and a half to work. This forced me to go to the bike shop, which was good, because I had to buy lights for my ride home. The bit of light I owned was useless for timing out after about 10 minutes.

On Wednesday my car battery died in the car wash. I called my fav repair shop just after they had closed and then called the place suggested on their message. Seventy Five dollars and an hour later, my car was running and the guy was really apeologetic for making me wait. Before that the manager and two guys from Holiday pushed my car out of the car wash and into their parking lot. Nice folks. I guess I won't be shutting off my car in the car wash any more. Also, I need to dig out my jumper cables from where ever they are. :-D

On Monday this week, I was getting stuff done. I even came home early from square dance and carried out a to-do list before going to bed. Unfortunately one of the to-dos was a ta-DUH! I decided that if I kept the garage keys in my car, they would always be there when I needed them. Then I proceeded to lock the car in the garage. I was really fortunate to have a boss who lives near me. I realised my brilliance about the time I was leaving for work yesterday. I ended up being only 15 minutes late.

Found someone who lives close to my house, and since I got off work at a reasonable hour, I was charged regular rates. It was still a half-day's pay. Still, I think that is a fair price considering what I've heard being quoted for these last 10 years. He was also easy on the eyes and quite charming.



Posted on 2012.01.05 at 10:49
Current Mood: artisticpoetic
I chance upon a long-neglected towel,
Pressing it to my face and inhaling.
I smell the sweet odour of autumn air,
And vow to hang the clothes out today.


Happy New Year!

Posted on 2012.01.01 at 23:25
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
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Oh look! It's a milestone for me to reflect, and not make it seem like I've been remiss in my posting. Yay!

The wind is howling down from the tundra, in response to all the prayers for snow. And nature always having to have its little joke with us, delivered whilst the roads were full of drinking peoples.

As I approached the end of the year, I found myself torn between wanting to catch up with people, and wanting a meditation retreat. I was carving out small chunks of time to be reflect on how I was in the world, and how I felt about that. I was checking in at the end of the workday to how that felt in my body, and what could be done if there were some aversion. I tried to be in the moment more, especially when not at work. There are places that I work, that slipping out of the moment for any more time than it takes to check in on the rest of the morning/afternoon, would spell doom.

I ended up going to one party full of folks I just hadn't seen in a long while, and went home early and sober. The Carmel Apple Cranberry pie that I brought, needs a little tweaking. Also, I feel like I let veronica_milvus down by not taking a proper sample from the _Cheese Plate of the gods_ from Surdyks at the party. Wish you could have transported there just for the little samply bits, and then gone back to your cottage.

I am strangely drawn to non-fiction right now: How the Brain Forms Habits, The Tipping Point, and First Things First. They dovetail nicely with my rethinking my world view, and my actions.

Christmas had some ups and downs. The gifts that I was the most excited about giving fell flat. I haven't been truly excited about giving gifts for a while, so this'll put a damper on future years. Daughter gave me a kindle this year, and I've already listened to an audio book, much of which was done while doing other stuff in the kitchen. It started out registered to her, though. That is a scary thing. You have to mark your kindle as a gift, or it has all your credit card information available to whoever you give it to.

I've been combing the thrift stores for wool sweaters, and I am felting them! Now for a can of "get-er done" to help me make something with them. I'm thinking hats and mittens. I've been studying some of the more creative hats this year. I might need to get my sewing machine tuned, but the mittens can be done by hand. Well, yes I know that the hats can be too. But I might be too lazy for that. The nice thing about this is that the first thing you really want to do when you bring something home from these stores is to throw it in the washer. :-D Well, I have also brought home a stuffed animal, and it is going to be butchered for its "fur" at some point. It'll make good lining for some of these mittens.

I've also been rockin' the sample classes at the Y. They have had two weeks of them, and I tried to get as many sampled as I could once I figured out that it was happening. This coming week is going to be chuck full of New Years' Resolutionists. I'm thinking of Tai Chi; working with my Chi seems like it might be a good thing.

I'm looking forward to a little sunshine tomorrow. It really helps my motivation.
More light is good.


Writer's Block: Courage under fire

Posted on 2011.11.12 at 19:00
Current Mood: tiredtired
What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?

Raised my daughter to contributing member of society. It's harder than it looks, folks. Especially when you don't get much help.


The First One is Free

Posted on 2011.11.04 at 23:22
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
I've been getting the object lessons about the cost of a printer really being the ink. I bought a new printer today, and also bought some ink.

So I just opened said printer, and there is ink inside. Like cartridges, not the free range ink spurted all over the inside of my old printer. I think this is wise, since if a person doesn't realise how much ink costs, they are more likely to be impressed with the good deal of the printer.

My August vacation beat out my July vacation, since I didn't have to stay home due to strained intercostal muscles. I know that's faint praise, but it'll improve from there.

Irish Fair is always a fair amount of volunteer work and a modicum of fun. My first volunteer gig was in the dance tent, so I got to perpetuate the awesomeness of social dance. As a bonus, certain people were mostly polite. Spare moments were spent at the Loma Mor table, since it seems to be separate this year. Got the cousins to sit with me for a bit, even.

Entertaining the family did prevent me from taking K's class on Sunday, however.

I got to hear Brian Miller's lumberjack songs. They were quite entertaining and instructional. I was hoping his song about being roped into a baseball game was somehow related, and we'd get to hear it. (no such luck)

Got to hear Altan, as I set up a portable stage. Really those are the two performances that stick out for me.

The other event that stands out is the fact that I actually entered two photos in the photo contest. I usually lack enough organization to do that. I later got schooled on what criteria they use for judging, since almost all the winners seemed to be of a whacking stately building. I don't necessarily consider that 'scenery.' Interesting.

After the scattering, there was tear-down/clean up. Until 10. I was tired. That is all.


Compliments of "True Brit"

Posted on 2011.07.17 at 07:37
Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: I Believe in Miracles/Hot Chocolate
I was listening on Friday night because, sadly, "Crap from the Past" was already over. But he was able to produce one bit of nostalgia.

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